Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Cast

The picture above is the main cast of the dumping ground. You have Tyler, Miles Butler-Hughton. Johnny Taylor, Joe Maw. Gus, Noah Marullo. Carmen Howle, Amy-Leigh Hickman. Faith Davis, Leanne Dunstan. Mike, Connor Byrne, Jody Jackson, Kia Pegg. Rick, Daniel Pearson. Harry, Phillip Graham Scott. Gina, Kay Purcell. Frank Mathews, Chris Slater. Lily Kettle, Jessie Williams. Elektra (Mandy) Perkins. Tee Taylor, Mia Mckenna Bruce.
The other new comers are Mo played by Reece Buttery and Floss Guppy played by Sarah Rayson.


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